Einat Lev Ari
Year of birth 1959


I am an Israeli artist, CBT psychotherapist and art therapist. I have always connected the mind with creativity and art and in the last year when the world had gone through big changes I have found myself creating a lot. It is important for me that the public get to  know me, that they can find a connection to their psyche through my art and that people will appreciate my art.

I use a variety of materials and techniques to express the connection between mind and art. I work mainly with acrylic paint, fabrics, yarns and assimilate prints in my paintings. I believe that artistic practice allows a symbolic realization of fantasy. Moreover, working with different genres of arts and using associations upon associations bring about a great deal of information, perspectives shedding light on an obscure truth. My works are tools of expression that enable the removal of the inner world and provide power, answers to questions and peace of mind.

Through art I convey emotions and psychological states, tensions and ambiguities of contemporary life.

I believe in the power of art. As more people are exposed to it, its impact will increase and connect people to situations, thoughts and feelings.

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